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About us

Archipiélago is an editorial platform specialized in the edition, production and diffusion of written, graphic and video contents. Through our work we aim to raise awareness and sensibility within family business about the importance of unity, cohesion and knowledge in order to ensure the continuity of family businesses.

As an editorial platform Archipiélago is dedicated to develop, structure and divulgate ideas, values, projects and contents easily adaptable to the needs of both, family businesses and those institutions that offer their services to family businesses.

Archipélago is composed by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the family business field dedicated to form, inform and consult family businesses in their goal of sharing and transmitting knowledge in different formats. We aim to strengthen success over generations by choosing best practices that permit improving management along the processes any family business goes through.

At Archipiélago you will find people with different professional profiles ranging from experienced consultants, academic professors, lawyers, economists, therapists, among others. This plasticity and versatility defines well the profile of Archipiélago, always aware about choosing the best professional team in order to explore new forms and ideas that will benefit the family businesses processed and dynamics.

Boris Matijas

Boris Matijas is a journalist and writer specialized in Family Business.

He is a member of Editorial Committee of Family Firm Institute' The Practitioner, editor of In Family Business (IESE Business School), Family Business Transformation (ESADE Business School) and a collaborator of IESE Family Business Chair.  

In his professional career he has been a editorial chief at Nexia Foundation (Spain), in charge of www.laempresafamiliar.com, "Actualidad de la Empresa Familiar" magazine and other editions and investigations. He actively participated in the creation of Heres Foudation (México).

With more than 100 interviews conducted with family business members and experts, he is one of few journalists specialized in the family business field. Boris Matijas is the autor and editor of "No hay vida sin sueño, no sueño sin ilusión", biographic book dedicated to the life of Jesus Farga, founder of Farga Group and Farggi.  At the same time he is collaborating with different media from Europe, South America, USA and Middle East. Since 2007 he has been a member of Family Firm Institute. 

Boris Matijas has BA in Film and Television Production by the Belgrade University of Arts (Serbia), MBA in Social Communication Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain) and a master degree in Systemic Family Therapy by Systemic Therapy School Saint Paul Hospital (Barcelona, Spain).
In 2016 his book 'Cuenta siempre contigo' has been awarded with Feel Good Award, promoted by la Caixa Foundation. He is also author of tales and short stories for Granta and Café Diverso.


Amélie Saillez

Amélie Saillez has made her first incursion into long-format documentary behind the camera with “The Kingdom of Mister Edhi” after 10 years working in the non-fiction field in production, distribution, content development and assistant directing. Belgian by birth, Amélie Saillez got her Masters in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths College of the University of London. After that, she directed her first short documentary “Catapoum”. “The Kingdom of Mister Edhi” is her first full-length documentary.


Leslie Fernández de León

Es fotografa profesional. El recorrido artístico de Leslie Fernández de León es el “melting pot” de las experiencias forjadas en tres continentes que influyeron en su expresión y visión artística.

Su formación artística comenzó en la Universidad APEC de Santo Domingo, donde se licenció en publicidad. El proceso de formación continuó en EEUU, donde lo amplió mediante el curso de introducción a la fotografía en el Miami Dade Comunity College.

Desde Miami, la inquietud por conocer nuevas formas y expresiones artísticas la llevó a cruzar el Atlántico, hasta Barcelona donde obtuvo el título de Estudis de la Imatge i el Diseny – IDEP.

Actualmente, Leslie Fernández de León vive y trabaja en Barcelona, y su especial foco de interés reside en la fotografía de arte y moda.


Ignacio Yunis Aranguren

Diseñador gráfico e ilustrador, formado en Argentina y España.

Trabaja/ha trabajado para Libros del Zorro Rojo, Media Partners, Di.com, HC-BCN (Barcelona, España), Publix, Over Design y Disseño (Santa Fe, Argentina).

Ha colaborado en el festival MUVID en los años 2006 y 2007.

Colaboró como voluntario en la Casa Ronald McDonald (Barcelona) dibujando con y para los niños residentes.

Le gusta leer, viajar, dibujar, pasear en bicicleta, el cine y la fotografía.

En 2006 dió la vuelta al mundo, pero aún no encontró lo que buscaba.

Actualmente vive cerca de su familia tras 9 años en el exterior.

Cree que ARCHIPIÉLAGO es un hermoso proyecto y apuesta por él.


Our values and principles

  • Experience

    We are a group of professionals with an extensive experience in the field of family business.

  • Knowledge

    Our knowledge is a result of decades of constant interaction with family businesses and the institutions that offer their services to them.

  • Excellence

    By combining freedom, determination, will and intelligence we pursue excellence as a guarantee for a quality.

  • Commitment

    Among the main requisites we ask to those who want to join us at Archipiélago, is passion. We believe that the only way to deliver effectiveness and efficiency and the best quality is by loving what you do.  

  • Resourcefulness

    Our work is guided by the quest to find the best assets that would lead to the best solutions for the family business success.     


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