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The Expert is the Client

Boris Matijas, Archipíelago

The Expert is the Client

This article by Boris Matijias of Archipielago Empresa Familiar, Barcelona, outlines his method for working with the family enterprise client in an objective, clear and sincere manner. His suggests that ego take a back seat to the needs of the client and cautions advisors to steer clear of “dangerous liaisons.”

Paraphrasing Ivan Lansberg, one of the main obstacles when working as a family business consultant is the inability to overcome being seen as a savior in the eyes of the client. To do so, one must overcome personal and professional ego and create committed and meaningful relationships with the client family.

It is only through building a strong alliance, based on mutual respect and a genuine interest in the reasons that made the family business engage a consultant, will the consultant be able to create a relationship in which he/she can be seen as a significant part of the solution. Until then, the family is still the expert, having lived with the problem for some time, certainly much longer than the consultant. They have all the details and hold the keys to the solution.

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