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Biography Documentaries are about people who made a difference in this world. Those who deserve to be discussed and remembered for the generations to come.

Family business founders and leaders are that kind of people.

Archipiélago produces biography documentary films about the entrepreneurs and family business leaders whose vision and strength stand behind the family business success. We help them and their families organize the family memories into a meaningful and memorable documentary film that will proudly tell the family business history and preserve it for the generations to come.

In collaboration with the award winning documentary film maker Amelie Sáillez, we produce high quality video documentaries that cast light on the exciting events that lead to the building of a successful business.

Biography Documentaries are an excellent format to preserve the family business history and also to be presented to the general public as a strong proof of the commitment with the family business continuity.

Amélie Saillez directed The Kingdom of Mister Edhi

This documentary tells the fascinating story of Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife, Bilquis. The couple, from the Pakistani city of Karachi, built a network of social and healthcare facilities. They operate a nonstop emergency service linked to more than 300 healthcare facilities. Through its shelters, Edhi’s foundation provides a haven and support for abused and ostracised women, orphans, the handicapped and homeless.

More info: The Kingdom of Mister Edhi

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