Family business history books

Family business history books

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Present time enable families to choose the memories that they wish to remember in the future.

Telling stories of successful people has an enormous motivating power and many professional coaches and managers use this resource to convey the strength of great men who struggled against the odds and achieved great victories.

Nevertheless a family business does not need to look for those brave stories in history books to motivate their upcoming generations.

A family business has its own history of struggle and success.

In Archipiélago we believe that the value of a book that contains the history of a family business is not only worth because of the story itself, but also for what any individual can get after reading that story.  This is the reason why we also propose to business families to design and manage a creative and formative process of storytelling whose final result is a compilation of the values, tradition and memories of the family in the format of a printed book.  

Edited in a monographic and illustrated format, the book resumes the past and the present of the family business whilst encourages the family to foresee the future of their business.

We follow a process of interviews and research specially designed to business families that as a result will reflect the dynamics generated within the family through constant interaction between three apparently opposed realities: family ties, business and wealth.

This book is a narrative collection of elements, processes and factors that maintain the family united around the business, a project initiated by the founding generation.

What you obtain is not just the simple monographic book edition. It is much more.

It is a narrative that empowers words to convey the common desire of continuing the legacy through shared values aiming to instill hope and vitality to the entire family.

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