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Comic books

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Each family has its own mythology which reflects their culture and their values, and guides the behavior of all of its members. By means of stories and anecdotes transmitted from generation to generation, this powerful narrative “ensemble” has a strong presence in the family collectiveness.

Illustrated novels and comic books have become an innovative way of documenting heritage in an attractive, educational and practical format. It is a format that hides a great potential to transform the founding values into a way of life for the generations to come.

Illustrated images have the power to unchain the emotional processes that transform positive messages into personal convictions that fosters family cohesion, guiding next generations to live the transmitted values in an integrated way. This process transforms an illustrated novel and a biographic comic book into an efficient and unique tool to educate the next generation through family values.

We invite you to tell us the stories and anecdotes that you consider important in the family business history, our team will synthetize them into a format that conveys the messages the family wishes to transmit.

Biographic comic books are an excellent gift both to the founding generation and to the upcoming generations. Above all it is a strong symbol of generational bounding and desire of continuity. 

The following example is a famous anecdote that reflects some of the main characteristics of an entrepreneur: transforming bad news into opportunities.

Behind any family business there is the dream of a restless entrepreneur.

And this dream needs to be shared. 

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